About Me

This page contains a few words about me…​ or rather sentences. Paragraphs. I talk too much.

Curriculum Vixae


My name is Ivan Noris and this is my personal homepage.

If you would like to see my professional CV, please see my public LinkedIn profile.

I am not looking for a new job.

In an unofficial communication I used to use nickname VIX. I created this nickname myself, more information can be given, eventually, in person.

/whois Vix

I work as Senior Identity Engineer in Evolveum. We develop, improve and deploy open source Identity Management/Governance system midPoint.

My job is to participate on the projects during the analysis, design, configuration and deployment phases. I also prepare and deliver most of our trainings.

I love my job so much!

This personal page, however, summarizes my personal experience, projects and hobbies.

Sorry, most of the content is still in Slovak language.