Clarence's table

Author: Ivan Noris

Category: sci-vi

He knocked. While he was waiting for an answer, he glanced to his suitcase to check its content. He sighed.

"Come in!" he heard from inside.

He came in. Door clicked behind him. He looked up and down the person sitting by a window behind a massive dark brown table. Except that table, there was a tall filing cabinet with documents. It was open.

"Mr. Clarence?" he asked.

The man behind the table looked a bit curiously at the stranger.

"How can I help you?"

"Mr. Peter Clarence?" the stranger asked again and he put his suitcase on the chair. He coughed slightly.

"Yes. What can I do…​"

The stranger has overcome his nervousness and came closer to the table. He looked relieved.

"I have something for you…​" he opened his suitcase and reached inside. Clarence did not have time to stand up to see what…​

Clarence’s body was motionless, except a dark stain on his chest which was expanding and attacking his white shirt and black jacket - it was winning 2:1. The stranger put away his gun. The barrel was still smoking. Thanks to the silencer no one has heard the shot.

He looked down on Clarence. His face showed a surprise. He had no idea what hit him until the last second.

The dark blood stain has expanded further.

It was done. And it was not so hard, after all. He has not felt anything. Just a job done…​

Someone knocked the door. He was not paying attention to that…​ at first. Then it startled him and shouted: "Just a moment!"

To his own surprise, his voice was not nervous nor subdued, even though he thought it was.

He checked the room instantly. He had just a few seconds left. There were no other exits and when he glanced at the skyscrappers behind the window, he realized there is no exit there either. Nowhere to run, and certainly not without being spotted as he has planned. So he did the only thing he could do at that moment…​

"Come in!"

A man entered the room. He held some papers in one hand and a black suitcase in the other one. He looked distracted and almost dropped his papers.

"Mr. Cla-Clarence?" he asked nervously.

"Yes," Clarence replied. "That’s what’s written at the door, isn’t it?" He wondered what happens if the man is an employee…​

"So you are Mr. Peter Clarence," the visitor stated and was pulling some papier. Clarence watched his eyes - and that was a mistake. The visitor held a gun suddenly. His face has changed. He played his role perfectly. Clarence did not have any time to praise him.

So he was not an employee after all, Clarence’s thought finally.

The visitor put down his weapon, just like Clarence did before him and he came to the table. He nodded after feeling no pulse of Clarence’s neck. He had no chance to look at the table and the papers on it. Someone knocked again.

The visitor has repeated Clarence’s thoughts exactly. He looked through the window, looked around the room. Looked at the filing cabinet with papers.

"Just a moment, please!" he sad, loudly.

He looked at the filing cabinet again. It was clear there is no room for a body. He would need to cut and slice the body into small pieces…​ and there is no time for that now.

The table! The heavy massive table!

With a thought that there must be enough space for a corpse under the table, he rushed to the chair and moved it. He was in a hurry, he had no idea who was waiting behind the door.

He stumbled. He looked down and was paralyzed at once when he understood the consequences.

He realized there is no way to hide a second body under the table.

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